Annual Statements

Annual Statements in Germany

In addition to your German annual statements, would you like an English or Spanish version? You require not only a financial statement and tax balance according to the German commercial code, but also an IFRS financial statement for your investors, shareholders or corporate group? We have extensive experience in the preparation of balances, annual statements and tax returns in multiple languages and accounting standards.

From your annual statements, we will deduce your corporate tax returns, business tax returns and VAT returns. We focus on the optimisation of your tax burden and the avoidance of double taxation, for your business and your private situation. Would you like to know more?

Furthermore, we assume your responsibility to disclose your data to the trade register and electronically send your e-balance to the German tax authorities. We also report your data to statistical offices or the German Central Bank.

Business tax delaration in German, English or Spanish

We help you to meet your responsibilities punctually and correctly. Additionally, we make use of beneficial optional exceptions and point out possibilities to save taxes and focus on the optimisation of your tax burden and the avoidance of double taxation for your business and your private situation. You can trust our conceptional abilities. Finally we advise you on creative possibilities and prepare a concept which caters to your individual demands.

Of course, we will approach you autonomously, for example, if we discover optimisation potential from your accounting or financial statements. Furthermore, we will point out taxation risks, which will reduce potential difficulties and back taxes in case of an audit.

Among others our services include:

Corporate tax returns
Business tax returns
Profit statement
VAT returns
Capital gains tax registration
Income tax registration

Electronic transmission of your annual statement

We will electronically transmit the tax returns to the German tax authorities via digital interfaces.

Examination of tax assessments

After the transmission of your tax returns, we will examine the correctness of your tax assessment by the German tax office. On your behalf, we will proceed against incorrect assessments or unwarranted deviations from your tax returns by the German tax authorities. If necessary, we will raise objections or file a suit before the fiscal court.​

German annual statement electronic transmission

Supervision of audits

Supervision of audits - German annual statement

We also represent your business in case of an audit and support the protection of your rights. This includes:

Establishing contact with the auditor
Provision of the required electronic data
Assessment of the auditing questions
Execution of the final meeting
Examination of the audit report
Raising of objections against the results
Examination of the tax assessment
Raising of objections and filing of suits

Tax declaration for private individuals

If you generate income in Germany, are a resident in Germany or have lived in Germany for more than 183 days, you might be subject to limited or unlimited tax liability and a German tax return might be required of you.

We can help you with the question of whether you have to submit a tax return. We will represent you before the German tax authorities and prepare all the necessary tax returns. We make use of beneficial optional exceptions and point out possibilities to save taxes. Our trained consultants focus especially on the avoidance of double taxation between Germany and other states.

We are also experienced in dealing with inheritances of German assets or from German testators. Our trained tax consultants are especially aware of international interdependencies and will prepare your inheritance tax return, evaluate your assets or support you in a tax efficient testament.

German tax declaration in Germany for private individuals

Your tax consultants for German tax law

German tax consultant Martin Selle

Tax consultant
Martin Selle

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  • Executive Director
  • Succession advisor
German tax consultant Renate Kricke

Tax cosultant
Renate Kricke

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  • Consultant international tax law
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