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Thanks to the low interest rate and the steadily rising real estate prices, purchasing real estate in Germany is a safe investment for the future. Many foreign investors have also recognized this by now. Purchasing and letting real estate in Germany is currently a very popular investment.

Whether it is worth buying a property in Germany depends on various factors. This includes not only the building structure, facilities, location and rental market, but also compliance with German real estate tax law. If you want to purchase or sell a property in Germany, you should therefore contact a real estate tax consultant, who will advise you on all tax law questions and support you in optimizing profits.

What is a German real estate tax consultant?

The German tax system is very complicated. For this reason, most investors place their tax matters in the hands of tax consultants who are specially trained in German tax law. The profession of tax consultant is strictly regulated in Germany and a state license is required to work as a tax consultant. This means that you can rely on extensive specialist knowledge from a tax consultant in Germany.

Tax consultants help you to make optimal use of the benefits of German tax law in the course of your business. Some tax consultants have specialized in specific areas, such as the German taxation of real estate in Germany. They advise investors on all aspects of purchasing and selling property in order to get the highest profit from the investment.

Why is a tax consultant recommended in Germany?

When deciding to purchase a property in Germany, there are various criteria to consider. Among other things, tax aspects play a major role with regard to whether the acquisition of a certain property in Germany is really worthwhile.

For example, the so-called real estate transfer tax that is due when buying real estate in Germany depends on the region in which the property is located. The tax rate for real estate purchases in Germany can differ significantly depending on the federal state.

However, the question of the legal framework of the acquisition structure is also important, because it is decisive for the further domestic taxation of the property and thus for the economic attractiveness of the property purchase.

There are also various factors to consider when selling real estate in Germany. The timing of the sale can, under certain circumstances, determine whether or not you have to pay tax on the capital gain.

Our specialized real estate tax consultants in Germany are well versed in all the important decision-making criteria and provide comprehensive advice on a successful real estate purchase, such as choosing the legal form for investments in Germany. But even if you plan to sell real estate in Germany, it is advisable to consult our real estate tax consultant in order to generate the highest profit in spite of the tax burden.

Our real estate tax consultants will advise you on the taxes to be paid when purchasing, selling or letting real estate as well as on the successful use of tax relief. Sound tax advice can prevent accidental tax evasion and instead optimize the tax burden in accordance with the law.

Which taxes have to be paid for real estate in Germany?

Real estate is the most popular type of asset in Germany. That is why there are different types of taxes that real estate purchasers or sellers can face. You will find an overview of the most important tax types below:

  • The real estate transfer tax is due when purchasing real estate. Depending on the German federal state in which the property is located, the tax amounts to between 3.5 % and 6.5% of the purchase price.
  • Property tax is an annual tax. It is calculated based on a valuation of the property with a rate of assessment and is payable by the property owner. The property tax is usually passed on to the tenants of the property.
  • The speculation tax accrues when a property is sold under certain conditions. Its amount depends on the increase in value of the property.
  • If a property in Germany is acquired by a company and not by a private person, other types of tax may also become relevant, such as corporation tax, business tax or income tax on business income.
German real estate tax consultant

Individual solutions for your real estate investment in Germany

Individual solutions for German real estate tax
Due to the complex German tax law, there is no uniform tax solution for every investment in Germany by foreign companies or private investors. The best solution for your needs always depends on the expectations and plans of the unique case. Our specialized real estate tax consultants will therefore advise you individually:

  • How can the effects of tax regulation be used most sensibly?
  • Should the property be financed as a direct investment from private assets?
  • Is a direct investment that is made indirectly through a foreign corporation preferable?
  • Is it worth engaging a German real estate company?
  • Is the establishment of a limited partnership with the sole purpose of non-commercial asset management an alternative?
  • Are tax-reducing external financing expenses recommended?
  • Which exit strategies reduce the tax burden on a sale?

Specialisation for German real estate taxation

In conclusion, our real estate tax consultants in Germany will advise you on how the structuring potential of German tax law can best be utilized to reduce the tax burden and maximize your profit in your individual case.

GKK tax consultants specializes in the German taxation of companies that do international business and invest in real estate in Germany. Are you thinking of purchasing or selling real estate in Germany?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will generate the highest possible profit for you within the legal framework of German tax regulation.

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